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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization isn’t Magic. It’s a process that starts with improving page content to increase visitors.

There are nearly eight new Internet users per second, and search engines are the epicenter of how people navigate the Internet. 93% of online experiences originate with a search engine and SEO can help your website rise to the top of search engine results.


It’s about using language that makes sense, in a natural, organic method. And YES is also about manipulating search results with the intent of driving your website to the top of what your prospects are searching. To make your website more discoverable.Following this, the next step is collecting and responding to qualified leads. By studying how your products and services are found, our goal is making your business website practically impossible to miss when your prospects are searching! Whether they search Training & Purchasing; Basic & Advanced Search or Review Hubs & Top publications in your niche.

For you, that means greater visibility & more qualified leads at the lowest opportunity cost possible.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is search engine optimization?

SEO is the application of various strategies to improve the search rankings of a website. These strategies range from on-page optimization, quality content, to authoritative link building. SEO is an important piece to any online marketing plan and with a well-rounded strategy; most any website can see improved rankings. For a more in-depth explanation on how this relates to your business, contact us for a discovery call.

Do you offer any guaranty?

The guaranty we offer is our professionalism and our efforts on the behalf of client-trust. In our opinion, any company that says they can “guaranty traffic or specific results” is being dishonest. Google’s algorithm changes frequently, in some cases daily! Higher Visibility through search results is shown to be a KPI that results in more traffic and therefor more visitors.

Be mindful of SEO Agencies that guaranty TOP ranking on a specified budget. This type of offer is most likely an empty-promise. While we cannot guaranty top rankings, we have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients.

How long does it take to see results?

There are in excess of 200 different ranking signals. In our experience clients typically see significant improvement on long tail keywords in the first 90 days and more competitive search terms around 180 days. SEO is a long-term strategy but has consistently proven to provide the best ROI on internet marketing. This is also one of the reasons our Search Engine Optimization programs require a minimum 6-month client-commitment. 

Will I have to make changes to my website?

Normally no structural or design changes will need to be made to properly optimize your website. Most of the work we perform is in the code or content of each page. Typically, clients prefer having our staff make these changes. 

Do you do link building?

Yes. We have built relationships with hundreds of publishers, bloggers, and journalists over the years and we are building new relationships every day. Our link building-team takes pride in delivering relevant, highly authoritative backlinks to propel our clients forward in search rankings. If you feel like your staff has a good handle on most of the day to day tasks except for link building, request a free consultation. Our Digital Marketing Consultants will discuss Link building service options with you.

How do you conduct keyword research?

We use a variety of tools to analyze keywords across all industry types. For each individual search phrase, we look to determine the search volume, relevancy to the client’s business, the likelihood that they will lead to sales, as well as the competitiveness of the keyword. Because keywords and long tail key phrases are critical components, they’re “hand-picked” based on our belief that they will contribute to a successful campaign.

Should my business use SEO?

SEO is an investment into the future of your company. The organic traffic generated from search engine optimization has a much higher ROI in the long-term, than that of paid search traffic. If your website isn’t on page 1 for your top keywords, you are missing out on a large piece of your online potential. If you request a free consultation, our digital marketing consultants will perform a brief discovery call and follow up with an SEO plan specific to the needs of your website goal of “search success”. For more information, contact us here.

Are you a White Hat SEO firm?

Yes. The strategies and techniques employed by our firm follow the latest in best practices, while remaining well within Google’s guidelines. Years of experience have provided us with an edge over our competitors, but more importantly, allowed us to provide our clients an edge over their competition.

How are you different than other SEO companies?

Every company says that they can deliver you results and we have the experience to back that up. What really makes us special is our dedication to generating sales and leads for your business. When we take on an SEO account we understand a series of results are expected. Better rankings (rank changes are shown), translating to greater and traffic (recoded via Google Analytics), Increased requests and form submissions (tracked submissions) and what you really want, generated revenue. Knowing that, we work with you and your internal team to earn your business every day. We’re confident our efforts will deliver traffic to your website. 

Can SEO increase my sales or leads?

Yes. Search engine optimization can improve a website’s visibility in the search results by moving it higher up the search engine results pages (SERPs). That increased visibility is a Key Performance Indicator leading to more potential customers who visit your website and learn more about your products or services.

“The first organic result in Google Search has an average click-through rate of 28.5%…” Posted by Search Engine Journal.

What tools and software do you use?

We utilize a robust set of proprietary SEO tools as well as some select third-party systems to provide every advantage to our clients.

How is SEO and PPC different?

SEO is a marketing strategy to increase search positions, for delivering organic search traffic. This strategy traditionally has a significantly better ROI over time in comparison to Paid Search. The benefit of PPC is that you can start realizing traffic and sales much sooner. SEO and PPC are both essential internet marketing strategies for almost any business. If you aren’t sure what is right for you, request a free consultation and one of our Digital Consultants will help you develop a strategy that will fit your needs.